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A Pockitude™ is a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal. It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s great to be alive. We all need consistent reminders of the good things, and writing them down as you see them is a great tool in your arsenal. The Pockitudes™ journal fits in your pockets and purses, so you can record your gratitudes as they come to you.

With a quick jot, you get a monumental shift on your outlook in life. We encourage you to write your gratitudes for just two weeks. See for yourself the benefits. See for yourself the change in your attitude. See for yourself how you will begin to discover the good in things, people, and places.

Join the happiness movement.


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Pocket-sized gratitude journals to help increase your mood and happiness

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One 3-Pack = 45 Days of Gratitude
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Mandala means “circle”. We created this series because our lives are not linear, because we are always changing and impermanence is a promise. Many Yogis have embraced this practice of gratitude and its absolute necessity in our pursuit of honest living, and honoring the oneness that exists between us all. Everywhere you look there are circles to remind us of this oneness. Everywhere you look, gratitude is waiting to be discovered.

The pocket-sized gratitude journal to help you increase positivity, improve self-esteem, sleep better, make you happier, and reduce stress. A daily gratitude journaling practice has been proven to help improve your general mental health and wellbeing. With prompts for gratitude, self-reflection, and acts of Kindnesses to inspire contemplation, mindfulness, and generosity towards others.

  • FREE SHIPPING (U.S. only)

  • One 3-Pack = 45 days of gratitude

  • 3 unique cover designs

  • 3.5" x 5.5" - Perfect for pockets & purses

  • 36 pages (thin to fit comfortably in your pockets)

  • Paper: FSC Certified, Carbon Neutral, Recycled 30%,
    Rainforest Alliance Certified, Green Seal Certified

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