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A Pockitude™ is a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal. It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s great to be alive. We all need consistent reminders of the good things, and writing them down as you see them is a great tool in your arsenal. The Pockitudes™ journal fits in your pockets and purses, so you can record your gratitudes as they come to you.

With a quick jot, you get a monumental shift on your outlook in life. We encourage you to write your gratitudes for just two weeks. See for yourself the benefits. See for yourself the change in your attitude. See for yourself how you will begin to discover the good in things, people, and places.

Join the happiness movement.


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Gratitude Journal Changing Attitudes with Graitudes

A Pockitude™ is a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal. It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s great to be alive. See for yourself the change in your attitude, and how you will begin to discover the good in things, people, and places. With a quick jot, you get a shift in your attitude. 

Pockitudes Storytalk
What an amazing night I had at Pockitudes Storytellers. I was blown away and humbled by the strength and courage of each storyteller. Gratitude is definitely my take away, but even this last week I have felt very heart full because of the immense love and space created in the room that night. Thank you for conceiving of and hosting this amazing night.
— Tiffany, Boulder CO


Pockitudes Storytalk is a collaboration between Pockitudes™ and the BoulderTalks in the College of Media, Communication and Information, University of Colorado. The event is an intimate and casual evening featuring inspiring stories of gratitude, life, challenge, hope, redemption, and happiness. Our platform is a conscious container where anyone can share their story to connect, inspire, heal, and reveal with mindfulness, respect, grace and gratitude. 

University of Colorado Boulder
Old Main Theater
1600 Pleasant St
Boulder, CO 80302

SEPTEMBER 7, 2017  - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Doors open at 6:30 PM


Storytellers made me feel connected in a whole new way. Without knowing what to expect I walked into something that truly left me stunned. I didn’t realize how effected I would be by the stories shared and how filled up I felt afterwards. Living in such a fast paced world, with just snippets of stories, the gift of slowing down and listening to full spoken stories was something I was missing and didn’t even know it.
— Christine, Boulder CO
 Amazing past Sto


We crave your stories of gratitude, and overcoming obstacles, stories that offer the taste of happiness for the life we live. How are you living a life of gratitude today, and what led you to this place? If you’re interested in being a Pockitudes Storyteller, please email us your story overview (a rough outline) to we@pockitudes.com for consideration. Six (6) Storytellers will be selected, 3 University of Colorado students and 3 from the Central Colorado area. 

  • You can read your story and use notes.
  • No slides, just you.
  • Stories can be 10 minutes or less (a timer will be displayed to help you manage your time)
  • To respect the privacy of our storytellers, no video recording is allowed.
  • Pockitudes Storytalk was partly inspired by The Moth. We recommend you watch the videos for inspiration.
Pockitudes Storytellers reminds me of how fragile and delicate we all are, one story of gratitude at a time. While the evenings of yummy tidbits of life, love, and gratitude (and snacks!) might conjure in your mind sweet stories of unicorns frolicking in fields of flowers, instead we discover that it’s the intensity of the storm and the subsequent clearing that connects us and reveals the vibrant rainbow of colors above us all. Going deep the way these storytellers do into what has pulled them out of the depths or makes them feel alive instead of adrift is a moving surprise and a delight every time.
— Rise - Boulder CO