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A Pockitude™ is a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal. It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s great to be alive. We all need consistent reminders of the good things, and writing them down as you see them is a great tool in your arsenal. The Pockitudes™ journal fits in your pockets and purses, so you can record your gratitudes as they come to you.

With a quick jot, you get a monumental shift on your outlook in life. We encourage you to write your gratitudes for just two weeks. See for yourself the benefits. See for yourself the change in your attitude. See for yourself how you will begin to discover the good in things, people, and places.

Join the happiness movement.


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A Pockitude™ is a gratitude recorded in a pocket-sized journal. It’s choosing to focus on the better things, the things that remind you why it’s great to be alive. See for yourself the change in your attitude, and how you will begin to discover the good in things, people, and places. With a quick jot, you get a shift in your attitude. 

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The Healing Rivers of Regret.

Frederic Terral

Photo by  pine watt  on  Unsplash

Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

Regret is a funny thing. Many of us have them and wish we didn’t. Many of us may even fear and avoid them, or convince ourselves lIke a mantra meant to soothe, “I have no regrets, just life lessons”. Here is what we do know, regret is not often paired with a happy occurrence, regret is often paired with a painful loss and a belief that it could have been different. Perhaps it’s true. I think what I’ve learned most from my regrets is how accurately human I am, and despite age and wisdom, experience and anticipation, I will always do something that may one day cause regret. So what does regret give me, if it’s not something I can avoid? Can I compost it somehow and turn it into something rich to feed my life or others? 

Regret gives us our stories. Regret gives us our humility and our humanity. It reminds us that suffering is universal, that each of us has done, said, or been something we wish never happened. To be loved and forgiven, despite our actions, is the highest form of humanity, and with that love I can carry my own burden of regret, and help others carry theirs by sheer compassion, solidarity, and knowing. 

In the watery depths of regret, there can be healing, and it all begins with sharing our stories, and the vulnerability of truth behind those stories. So share them. Share your regrets, tell your truth, and surrender the pain knowing it’s never been about fixing or changing the truth, but seeing our humanness and forgiving ourselves for it.

New Year's Wish

Frederic Terral


May we all find reverence for all that we’ve been given, knowing everything we have is given to us on borrowed time. The material things we’ve worked hard for, or our titles and roles, the land we live on, the bodies we live in, the relationships in our lives, the pets we love, the food we grow, all of it rests on the sands of impermanence. To know this deeply is to understand and embody gratitude. May the wisdom we learn and the love we receive during this borrowed time fill us so completely that we are compelled to give it back, in stories, in generosity, in acts of kindness, in compassion and in hope that all we’ve been through has not been in vain. To serve each other is to serve the world, one generous, no-strings attached, act at a time.

May we all awaken and see the futility of self deprecation and the illusion of separation. May we forgive ourselves, our past, our ancestors, those that hurt us and the ones we’ve hurt, and realize we are the same, birthed from the same stardust and miracle that is earth, air, water and fire. May we remember how small we are as one speck in the cosmos, and how beautiful, enormous and powerful we feel as one collective. One heart-driven, light filled energetic vibration. Our experiences, our stories, hence our lives, give meaning when we know our purpose—to give back what we’ve been given, and to love— love the earth, love ourselves and finally, love each other.